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Fly fishing for carp is pure adrenaline and you will experience fights in a class of their own! Especially in summer, when the carp move just below the water surface, fly fishing on sight is hard to beat in terms of excitement. But the shy fish first want to be outwitted before the hot dance begins and the carp rips the line off your reel. In order to fish successfully for carp, we have put together the best and most successful fly patterns for carp flies. Of course, the bread fly must not be missing from the assortment. This classic is offered on the water surface, where the carp slurp it up in slow motion. In addition to the traditional bread fly, you can also buy very innovative carp flies that imitate worms, crustaceans, larvae and other small prey eaten by carp when burrowing. With our carp flies you are well prepared for your first carp on the fly.

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The wonderful thing about fly fishing is the versatility of this fishing method. Not only trout and grayling can be caught with the fly. Many other fish species can be successfully chased with the fly. One of them is the carp. These strong and persistent fish can be found in many waters. Catching carp on the fly is particularly exciting, because a hooked carp starts like a rocket. On fly tackle, fighting such a fish becomes a real challenge.

In this product category we have put together a fine selection of the most catching fly patterns for fly fishing for carp. Carp often spend a long time churning up the sediment in the water looking for food such as worms, larvae, small crayfish, snails and other mouth-watering prey. With our imitations you can quickly reach the bottom of the water and offer the flies in the "hot" zone. The moving antennae, legs and appendages of our fly patterns attract these curious fish and entice them to take your fly.

When the water temperature rises, carp also search the water surface for food, which they then suck in very slowly and carefully. If you see carp moving around just below the water surface, we recommend the so-called bread fly, which you will also find in our range. This highly buoyant and visible fly imitates pellets or bread flakes and floats on the water surface until it is sucked in by a carp. It's incredibly exciting to watch the carp take your fly in slow motion. Here you need nerves of steel not to set the hook too early. As soon as the carp feels the slightest resistance, it will immediately start with a long run. If you managed to hook the fish securely, a wild dance begins that you won't soon forget. A suitably strong tackle and sufficient backing are then a must to be able to land the carp.

Even though fly fishing for cyprinids is not yet so widespread in our latitudes, there is a large fan community in Southern Europe as well as overseas that fishes enthusiastically and successfully for carp with the fly. If you want to diversify your favourite hobby or simply target a new species with the fly, carp fly fishing is definitely worth a try. With our special carp flies, the right equipment and technique, you can successfully fly fish for carp and other cyprinids and experience a new dimension of fly fishing.

Order the best fly patterns for fly fishing for carp today and give it a try! But beware, there is an acute risk of addiction :o)