Breathable waders and robust wading boots in an attractively priced wading kit

With our wading kits you can buy top quality, breathable waders and wading boots at an advantageous price and save money compared to buying individual products. The discount varies depending on the products in our waders and boots combos. Of course, you can choose the right size of waders and wading boots for all our wading kits and also select the type of sole from the available variants. Our top product is definitely the excellent Alpine Diver wader in combination with the extremely robust Creek wading boot. This wading kit is intended for all those fly fishers who are very often on the water and are also often on the move in challenging terrain. A high-quality wading kit allows you to fish comfortably and safely. It will also withstand all the stresses and strains you are exposed to during a long day of fishing.

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In order to reach the best spots on the water and to be able to offer your fly as promisingly as possible, wading is sometimes unavoidable when fly fishing. Good wading gear are characterised by three main features:

  • it must be hard-wearing. Especially on the water, you move a lot in rough terrain. Stones, fences, branches and thorns can take their toll on your wading gear. High-quality waders and wading shoes can withstand increased strain.
  • it must keep you dry. The most important task of your wading gear is to keep you reliably dry. To do this, it must be waterproof on the one hand, but also breathable on the other, so that the water vapour that forms through perspiration during physical exertion can be effectively removed.
  • it must be comfortable. Your waders must not hinder or restrict you in any way when walking, climbing over obstacles, and certainly not when casting or fly fishing.  


In this category we have put together complete combos of breathable waders and sturdy, tough wading boots. You will find wading combos in different price ranges. Moreover, for all our wader and boot combos, we only select quality products that we also sell individually. The waders and wading boots are certainly not shopkeepers. On the contrary, we deliberately choose the bestsellers of the respective product category or price range. Because we don't want to sell our customers just anything, but products they can rely on. After all, satisfied customers are our best advertisement.


For each wading combo you can of course choose the sizes of the waders and wading shoes individually. The same applies to the sole material of the wading shoes. Whether felt or rubber, with or without spikes. You have the free choice. For certain products, you can also select the colour you want. With all these options to choose from, you can really put together your wader and boot combo according to your own personal ideas and needs.


But what is the advantage compared to buying the waders and wading boots individually? When you buy a wading combo, you benefit from the attractive combo prices. This means that you can compile your individual wading combo with high-quality waders and first-class wading shoes and save money at the same time.