Tenkara flies

Sakasa Kebari, the traditional Tenkara fly patterns

Sakasa Kebari, the traditional Japanese fly patterns were developed for tenkara fishing and are still used very successfully today. This is because they have a number of unique features that make them so catchy. The most obvious feature of the Sakasa Kebari is the hackle fibres pointing forwards, towards the eye of the hook. This provides a distinctive silhouette and a lifelike movement of the fly in the water when the fibres pulsate as soon as the fly is moved. The Sakasa Kebari flies embody the minimalist philosophy of Tenkara fishing, where simplicity, effectiveness and the art of presentation are paramount, rather than an elaborate selection of flies. As such, the patterns are comparatively simply tied and have a natural appearance. This makes them universal and very versatile, so you will be very successful with a few patterns on many different waters.

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