Barbless fish egg & bait paste patterns

These fly patterns perfectly imitate fish eggs and trout paste

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EGG & BAIT PASTE are simple but very effective patterns, especially in commercially managed lakes and reservoirs with high fishing pressure. As the name suggests, these flies mainly imitate fish eggs and trout paste, which are often used by anglers fishing in ponds. It happens time and again that the paste or fish eggs used fall into the water, especially when casting the mounts. This easily available food conditions the fish in these waters, which you can target very successfully with these fly patterns.

A special tying material has been developed for these fly patterns: Eggstasty Chenille. This special, translucent tying material takes on an almost gelatinous appearance in the water and gives the fish the impression of something natural and edible. It also perfectly mimics the consistency of eggs and paste, so the fish don't get suspicious even when biting.

You can present these patterns in very different ways. Either as a tip fly static or stripped in different speeds as well as jerky movements. By choosing between floating line, intermediate line or sinking line with different sink rates, you can always present the egg or dough fly where the fish is standing.

But also try this insider tip from the competition scene: a combined presentation in tandem with a streamer on the tip and an EGG & BAIT PASTE fly pattern on the short side arm. The movement of the two different patterns as well as the striking colour will attract the attention and curiosity of fish even when further away. Due to natural food envy, the fish want to snatch the fat morsel from the supposed food competitor or attack the supposed food competitor straight away. In any case, you have the fish on the hook. By the way, this not only works great on still waters. You will be amazed at how well you catch fish in flowing water with this tandem mount.

These fly patterns should not be missing in your fly box if you want to be more successful than the rest of the anglers even on heavily fished fishing lakes.