Furled leaders

Furled leader stretches superbly & unwinds smoothly

Furled leaders are much less prone to curling than other leaders. They also stand out for their excellent stretching and unrolling properties. This allows you to create very delicate and precise presentations. Due to the special way they are made, these leaders also have a certain stretch that acts like a damper and in this way protects even the finest leader tips from unwanted line breakage. Furled leaders are not only suitable for fly fishing with dry flies. You can also buy furled leaders for classic nymph fishing, modern Euro nymph style fishing and fly fishing for pike. Depending on the application, our floating versions are therefore made of high-quality nylon material, whereas the sinking models are made of fluorocarbon. All our furled leaders have a loop at each end so that they can be quickly and easily connected to both the fly line and the leader tip.

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