UV varnish for fly tying

Fly glues that cures exactly when you want them to

Fly glues that cure with UV light have made fly tying much easier. These UV glues come in a range of different consistencies and colours, so you can find the right fly glue for every application and fly pattern imaginable. The fly glue remains liquid until it is exposed to UV light. This can be a special UV lamp but be aware that UV glues also harden in direct sunlight. You should keep this in mind when choosing the right place for your tying table. Due to these special properties, you can apply the glue to your fly pattern at your leisure until the result is exactly what you want. The fast curing also means that nothing can run. To achieve a perfect result, when you want to put on more glue, you should applicate it in more single layers, and cure every layer completely before applying the next layer.

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Here you'll find a selection of the best UV glues, also called UV resins, for fly tying. UV resins are very popular, due to the simple, quick and especially clean application. They are indispensable to tie certain fly pattern.

We carry among other products the full range of UV resins of solarez and fast laser. These UV resins are characterized by an unbeatable quality and a reasonable price. Here the main features:

  • no mixing
  • no yellowing
  • no tacky finish, no need of wiping off like other products
  • high quality of formulas
  • high range of use
  • user friendly
  • eco friendly
  • the entire range of solarez products is thermo-sensitive, so you can increase or decrease the viscosity just by acting on temperature and you can better play on your flies