Fish the best fly patterns with your conventional spinning gear

There's no question that artificial flies are some of the best fishing lures around. In many situations on the water, you can be extremely successful with a good fly pattern. To make these top lures accessible to all anglers, we have a whole range of special Spinfly patterns that are easy to cast and fish with your conventional spinning gear. Here you'll find super-realistic floating Spinflies that have excellent buoyancy and provide spectacular takes on the water's surface. With our sinking Spinfly variants, you can systematically search pools and deep rinners. Whether it's a nymph, squirmy wormy or propeller fly, our Spinfly models are deadly patterns in flowing water but also on overfished trout ponds where the fish already know every other lure by its first name. Try it out today and see how catchy our spinflies can be when fished on your conventional rod.

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