Euro Nymph flies

High weight & low water resistance gets these nymphs to depth fast

In this product category, we have put together the best and catchiest nymphs that are suitable for modern nymph fishing. The weight of the nymphs plays a major role in Euro nymphing, as heavy nymphs sink faster and can therefore be fished more effectively and for longer in the hot zone just above the bottom of the water - exactly where the fish are. That's why you'll only find nymphs here whose tungsten weighting ensures a high mass but still doesn't affect their natural shape and silhouette. Javi nymphs, where the underbody is made of tungsten, are also suitable for sending your nymphs diving very efficiently deep down in pools or in fast currents, as are Perdigon nymphs, which are optimally shaped in terms of hydrodynamics and offer the lowest possible resistance in the water. All patterns are competition-tested, and we benefit from the experience of professional fly fishermen in the continuous revision of our range.

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Often, we focus too much on the pattern, underestimating the fact that what matters most in a nymph is its weight, especially when fishing Euronymph style. By this we do not mean that the pattern is completely irrelevant, but it is much more important to have the correct fly weight in relation to the type of water you are fishing in, then if it is also a good fly all the better. It is much more effective to drift an 'ugly' fly at the right depth and speed than to drift a 'beautiful' fly in the wrong place.

As you will therefore have already guessed, weight plays a decisive role in the quality of the drift because it will make the fly sink at the right time, while also making it drift in a natural and catching way. In your fly box it is therefore more advantageous to have just a few fly patterns with different weights rather than a lot of different fly patterns all of the same weight.

To increase the sink rate of your nymphs, especially in deep water or in strong current situations, there are flies that help you reach the bottom at the right time, such as the Javi nymphs or the extra heavy nymphs with double tungsten beads, ideal for extreme situations. Then there are the Perdigone nymphs, which, due to their hydrodynamic shape, manage to sink very quickly even if you don't use excessive weights because they have no feathers or just a few protruding hairs forming the tail and offer the least possible resistance to the water.


Among the Euronymph flies you will find in this category is a 'made in Italy' series, marked with the appropriate logo. These nymphs are the result of experience gained in the world of fly-fishing competition and only state-of-the-art and innovative materials are used to tie them. These nymphs are the best you can find on the market and their effectiveness has been extensively tested and proven by professional fly fishermen.


Although it is relatively easy to start fishing at Euronymph, many people do not know how to take their first steps in technique and equipment. This is why we have put together an INTRODUCTORY GUIDE TO EURONYMPH in which we cover all the main topics in detail, such as:

  • How the Euronymph technique was born
  • What are the advantages compared to other fly fishing techniques
  • What specific equipment to buy
  • What are the most commonly used rigs
  • How to cast and drift effectively