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Bead head nymphs should not be missing in any fly box. Their brass head bead made out of brass provides the nymph with the appropriate weight so that it sinks more easily. In addition, the head bead, which is tied directly behind the hook eye, imitates the head of the imitated insect larva. In addition, when tying this type of nymph, gold-coloured beads are used, which glitter and flash slightly depending on the light, giving the nymph an additional attraction and making the fish attentive and curious. Bead head nymphs are ideal as medium-weight nymph patterns, especially for flowing waters with slow and medium current speeds, which are not too deep. Due to the not too heavy weight they also don't sink like a stone towards the bottom of the water but play quite lively and attractive in the current. You can buy very catchy bead bead nymphs from us, as all our patterns have been extensively tested before we included them in our range.

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The brass-headed nymphs are part of the "medium weights" and are quite suitable for fishing on the seabed in shallow waters with medium to light currents. Gold coloured brass balls are often used. The brilliant colour of the head is very attractive for many fish species and often gives life to the attack (except in waters with too much pressure from the fishermen - in this case it is better to use balls of another colour).
If you intend to fish near the bottom in fast, deep waters, we recommend using our tungsten nymphs, jig nymphs or the brand new ultra-heavy Javi nymphs. With these baits you will be able to quickly reach the bottom of the river.