Barbless hooks for fly tying

Best for catch & release

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In our assortment you will find quality hooks from the best brands: dohiku, hends and hotfly. In particular, hotfly has recently created a series of 12 high quality barbless hooks at a very competitive price, which will allow you to tie many different types of dressing.
The main features that must have a quality barbless fly fish hook are:

  • Chemically sharpened tip: much thinner and sharper
  • Inward facing tip: preserves sharpness and reduces the possibility of loosing the fish
  • Forging: makes the hook much more robust

Barbless hooks are definitely in step with the times and allow you to make a correct catch and release. The fishermen who use these hooks are more and more numerous and the waters populated by delicate and precious wild fish are increasingly managed by associations that prohibit the use of hooks with barb.