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Amadou & absorber beads dry your flies quickly and reliably

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To get the most out of floatant products you have to dry the dry fly very well, mainly for two reasons. The first is that the floatant product you have chosen will adhere much more effectively if the hackles are completely dry. The second, and even more important reason, is that if you waterproof the outside of the artificial fly leaving dubbing and hackles full of water, the fly will weigh much more, defeating your objective which is to make it float.

To fulfill this task there are various methods, among them the classic but always very effective amadou and the most modern absorbent spheres.

The amadou is a natural product from a mushroom. It is very soft and does not damage the delicate hackles of CDC flies. Its durability is practically eternal and instantly dries any type of dry fly, just place the artificial between the two layers of amadou and apply light pressure.

More recently, extremely absorbent spheres have been introduced on the market that can remove all the humidity present in your dry fly in an instant. Their use is very simple, all you need to do is introduce the artificial fly still connected to the fishing leader into the jar in which the beads are contained, ajar the lid without closing it completely (you would damage the fishing leader) and shake gently for a few seconds. The artificial fly will come out dry and ready for the floatant treatment you prefer. This system is also very good and does not damage the delicate CDC hackles. Inside the jar there are indicator crystals that change colour when the absorbing spheres are saturated with humidity and the time has come to replace the product.