These modern one- & two-handed fly rods make casting and fishing a pleasure

Fly fishing is fun, even more so with the right fly rod. That's why you'll find a huge selection of fly rods in our online shop, so you can buy the right fly rod for all common fishing techniques. Because with a fly rod that is optimally suited to the technique, the water and the target fish, you will not only cast better and further, but you will also fish more relaxed and ultimately catch more. Our extensive range consists of first-class fly rods, that feature exceptional performance. We offer models in a wide range of price categories. In this way, we can recommend the right rod for the professional and demanding fly fisherman as well as the enthusiastic beginner. Should you still not be able to find the fly rod that suits you most, then simply contact us. Together we will surely find the right fly rod for you.

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The fly rod is the most important thing in your fishing tackle, as it allows you to cast the fly line, and consequently also the artificial fly, in the desired place.

Today's fly rods are made of carbon fiber and are technically much superior to the original bamboo rods thanks to the excellent properties of this modern material. Traditionally, the length of the rod is indicated in feet. The class of fly line, for which the rod is designed, is indicated in AFTMA class.

If you are planning to buy a fly rod, you need to consider four very important factors: the length, the class of fly line, the action and the speed of the rod:

  • The ideal length depends mainly on the size of the fishing water and the technique you want to use: to fish in small streams, a rod up to 8 feet is sufficient, while if you fish in a large river in the plains, a 10 foot rod is recommended to reach the necessary casting distance; in nymph fishing, it is recommended to use rods long enough (about 10 feet) and if you want to use a streamer, usually a 9 foot rod is sufficient.
  • The optimal line class depends on one hand on the size, i.e. the weight of the artificial flies and on the other hand on the distance at which you want to cast. Normally rods made for heavy line classes are also suitable for casting large, heavy lures far away.
  • The action and speed of a fly rod are not the same and are often confused. Action is defined as the parts of the rod that flex (more). So you can differentiate between tip action, progressive action and slow action (a misleading term that defines a rod that bends from the handle to the tip).
  • Speed, on the other hand, indicates the time the curved rod needs to straighten to its original position. So there are fast, medium and slow fly rods.

If you are looking for a universal beginner's rod, we recommend a fast model with a length of 9 feet for a line class #4/5 with tip action or alternatively with progressive action. With this fly rod you are good for most situations.

In addition to the four basic factors, you also need to consider the materials used, the components, the finish, the warranty and of course the price-quality ratio.

In our online shop you will find a wide range of high quality fly rods for every situation and fishing technique. Please contact us if you need help choosing your fishing rod.