Here you can find the right fly reel that suits you and your rod best

You will find the right fly reel for all types of fly fishing in our online shop. This allows you to optimally balance every tackle combination, making your casting more relaxed and ultimately better. Also check out the semi-automatic fly reels, which are the first choice of many professionals and connoisseurs.

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The importance of the fly reel is often underestimated. The fly reel is seen only as a "storehouse" for the fly line and the clutch often plays only a marginal role, at least as far as classical fly fishing with trout, grayling and other fish from local waters is concerned, in fact in most cases the resistance on the fly line during catching is applied with the hand and not with the clutch.

But in fly fishing with fishing leaders thin it is possible to control the resistance better with a finely adjustable clutch than with the hands. Even when fishing for big saltwater predators, fish escapes are controlled with the help of the clutch. In addition, a perfectly adjustable clutch prevents uncontrolled unwinding of the fly line when it is pulled out of the reel by hand.

The reel should balance the weight of the rod perfectly and have enough capacity to accommodate the fly line of the desired class together with the backing.

In our assortment we only have medium and high end fly reels. Most models are made of aluminum and have a large diameter spool (also known as "large arbor"). Thanks to this large diameter the memory effect of the fly line is reduced, the extraction of the line during the casting is simplified and the range is also increased, as the friction on the reel is reduced.

In addition to the JMC models, we have a wide range of HOTFLY SUPERB fly reels available. These reels have excellent technical properties and an exceptional price-quality ratio. In addition to the traditional models, we also have a range of SEMI-AUTOMATIC reels in our catalogue, which, thanks to their very confortable drive, enjoy increasing popularity among fly fishermen.