Keep your dry flies buoyant longer & get your nymphs to depth fast

The fish are rising like crazy, but after a few fish your best dry fly pattern is no longer floating? Special swim preparations will help you to get your fly dry again in no time and float up high so you can continue fishing successfully. In the same way, the buoyancy of your floating fly lines can be improved so that you can mend the line longer and more easily. Properly maintained fly lines can be cast further and are more durable. In this product category you will also find proven sinking agents to quickly bring your nymphs to depth or to degrease the tip of your dry fly leader and make it more inconspicuous. For efficient weighting of your rigs and flies, we have everything you need, from Tungsten Putty to Cheburashkas.

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Floating substances such as grease, oils and silicones increase the flotation of your fly line and dry flies. In addition, thanks to their curative function, they prolong the life of your line.

Chemical sinkers degrease the sinking leader to ensure faster submersion of wet flies, nymphs and streamers.

Mechanical sinkers are nothing more than tungsten ballasts, which are applied at an appropriate distance from the fly.