Nymphs with tungsten head beads

The best tungsten nymphs, hand-tied by professional fly tyers

Nymphs are indispensable when the fish are not feeding on the surface. With them you can fish very successfully all year round. This is because nymphs mimic the larvae of very different insects and other small inhabitants of the water, which spend most of their lives in the water. Therefore, this food source is very important for many fish and consequently the corresponding imitations are so successful. By adjusting the weight and thus the sinking speed of your nymphs to the current and the water depth, you determine whether you offer them just above the water bottom or let them play in the mid-water. It's important to let your nymphs drift as naturally as possible with the current. In our online shop we offer countless patterns in all shapes and colours. Besides the nymphs in this category, we have many other series of fly nymphs that you should not miss.

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Tungsten heads weigh twice as much as brass heads. So our tungsten nymphs are ideal to quickly reach the bottom in deep waters with a lot of current.
Our range of tungsten nymphs is very wide and is constantly being expanded: in addition to the classic models, we also have a variety of modern tactical nymphs, which are made partly with UV reactive and reflective materials. These models are also partly used in fly fishing competitions and have clearly proven to be more efficient than models without fly tying materials sensitive to ultraviolet rays, at least for some species, such as rainbow trout.
Our tungsten nymphs are designed by the best fly fishermen and are constantly being improved. These artificial lures have proven their worth in waters around the world and not just for trout and grayling.