The best dry flies for fine & classic fly fishing

Dry fly fishing is certainly one of the most fascinating and exciting forms of fly fishing. Presenting the fly to a spotted fish as gently as possible and then watching it pick the imitation very slowly from the surface of the water is incredibly spectacular. To make dry fly fishing as successful as possible, we have a huge range of different patterns and varieties for you to choose from, from the classic May fly to the unmissable Chernobyl Ant. You'll find incredibly realistic dry flies, hand-tied by professional manufacturers using the best materials. How’s about parachute patterns or very effective search flies as well as fly patterns where the buoyancy is increased by the clever use of special tying materials and the tying know-how? By choosing our dry fly patterns, you will fish very effectively and catch more fish than ever before.

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Dry flies float on the water surface or in the water surface film and usually imitate an adult insect (Imago, Emerger, Spent). Fly fishing with the dry fly is particularly exciting if the fish chase the insects which are landing on the water surface. This mostly is happening when there is a mass hatching of water insects.

The floatability of dry flies depends on the used fly tying materials and on the size of the fly and can, if required, be increased by greasing them.

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