The best dry flies for fine & classic fly fishing

Dry fly fishing is certainly one of the most fascinating and exciting forms of fly fishing. Presenting the fly to a spotted fish as gently as possible and then watching it pick the imitation very slowly from the surface of the water is incredibly spectacular. To make dry fly fishing as successful as possible, we have a huge range of different patterns and varieties for you to choose from, from the classic May fly to the unmissable Chernobyl Ant. You'll find incredibly realistic dry flies, hand-tied by professional manufacturers using the best materials. How’s about parachute patterns or very effective search flies as well as fly patterns where the buoyancy is increased by the clever use of special tying materials and the tying know-how? By choosing our dry fly patterns, you will fish very effectively and catch more fish than ever before.

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Fishing with a dry fly is certainly one of the most exciting methods of fly fishing. Casting to a rising fish and watching it slowly approach your dry fly to sip it in is pure adrenaline. Especially when an insect hatch occurs while you are fishing, it can happen that the fish only concentrate on the insects floating on the surface. This is when you can experience great moments on the water. If you are not already using a dry fly, you should therefore always have a few catchy dry fly patterns with you.

You can buy a huge selection of dry flies in our online shop. The spectrum ranges from classic patterns to caddies & segdes, parachutes & Klinkhamers, mayflies as well as CDC flies. You will also find buzzers & micro patterns, stoneflies, stimulator patterns and many more dry flies.

Only first-class tying materials are used for our dry flies and every single fly is expertly tied by hand. Feathers, hair and other materials used for our flies are carefully selected to ensure that the fly pattern looks and behaves on the water surface exactly as you expect it to.

We can proudly state that all our dry flies are tied by professional fly tiers to ensure consistent high quality and durability. Our many fly patterns are tested daily and around the world by the most rigorous testers in the field: our customers. And their overwhelmingly positive feedback and continued orders give us the confidence to offer the right patterns in the right colours and sizes.

Whether you are an experienced fly fisherman or just starting out with fly fishing, our dry flies are a must for every fly box! With our fly patterns, you too will be successful on the water and catch beautiful fish. Choose your favourite patterns from our extensive range of flies. Order them today and see the catchability of our dry flies for yourself!