Are you tired of buying wading boots that fall apart after a few fishing trips? Have you also worn wading boots, in which the soles detached after half a season or with seams that have broken after a brief time? Then we are pleased to offer you wading boots that keep their promise!

In collaboration with two established companies from Montebelluna, Italy (Treviso province), the worldwide leading location in development of technical footwear, we have developed three wading boot models, 100% made in Italy, to satisfy the diverse needs of today's fly fishermen:

All three models are comfortable, offer good protection and are above all durable. There are used strictly selected components and above all best German adhesive as well as high-quality suture.

Together with the company Andrew from Montebelluna, known since 1981 among others for their indestructible boots for forestry workers, we have improved the wading boot model FLY and developed the model CREEK. The model FOX, however, was developed with a smaller company from Montebelluna. These wading shoes are reasonably priced, since they use high-quality materials, but less well-known brands.

Wading shoes fulfil a very important function in fly fishing - they give you a secure grip on various surfaces such as stone, gravel, sand, soils that are covered with algae, meadows, etc. Our Made in Italy wading boots are offered with different soles:

  • Felt soles offer the best grip on stony or rocky ground and are generally our personal favourite.
  • On surfaces covered with algae, felt soles with studs are the best choice for maximum slip resistance.
  • Rubber soles with studs are also suitable as a good alternative to felt soles.
  • Rubber soles without studs provide the least grip in most cases, but are still preferred by some fly fishermen because they dry faster than felt and do not cause possible damage to the ground (e.g., floor) due to the missing spikes. We recommend wading boots with pure rubber sole only for sandy soils or stony ground, if it is free of algae.

Wading boots are exposed to a great deal of stress: the frequent changes between wetness and dryness, as well as the high degree of friction, put a heavy strain on the materials and, above all, the seams. Good wading shoes are characterized by the fact that they survive some seasons in average stress. The wading shoes CREEK and FLY from Andrew are almost indestructible. Therefore, we offer the service of sole replacement for these two models, also for our FOX wading boots!

ATTENTION: The specified wading size already takes into account the space required for the neoprene booties of your waders. So, if your normal street shoe size is 10 we recommend that you also take the wading boots in this size