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The ALPINE DIVER V2 chest waders from hotfly superb have been specially designed for the fly fisherman who does many fishing trips throughout the year. Thanks to the new heat-sealing technology (without seam holes) and the highly breathable multilayer fabric (made in Japan) guarantee many fly fishing trips and stay dry. The ingenious suspender system allows you to quickly convert chest waders into waist waders.

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After the excellent results achieved with the ALPINE DIVER series, the hotfly superb offers the ALPINE DIVER V2 to the fly fishing market. An evolution that will completely replace the previous model of waders. The ALPINE DIVER V2 inherits everything good that has been done in the past and brings with it a series of innovations. Thanks to the collaboration with experienced fly fishers who have had the opportunity to use the first version of waders have been added many improvements, also enhancing the few weaknesses of the previous model.

Staying dry is of fundamental importance for fly-fishing, and in this field no major changes have been made given the great success of the previous version in terms of water resistance. ALPINE DIVER V2 chest waders, like their predecessors, use an innovative and patented heat-sealing system that, combined with 5 layers of highly breathable fabric (made in Japan), guarantees maximum peace of mind against abrasion, condensation and water infiltration. The numerous tests carried out on the ALPINE DIVER V2 have made it possible to create a highly reliable pair of waders. Having renounced the thousands of holes caused by the classic seams in favour of a heat-sealing carried out through pressure and heat has made it possible to create a product that is extremely resistant to water infiltration even in the long term. The high quality of the fabric also gives you great resistance to abrasion and tearing, so you can move with confidence even in places where the vegetation is very dense.

Here are some technical details of the fabric used in the leg area up to the waist:

  • Water resistance > 30,000 mm (water column)
  • Breathability > 5,000 g/m²/24 hours
  • Fabric weight in the lower area: approx. 310 g/m²
  • Fabric weight in the upper area: approx. 220 g/m²
  • High abrasion and tear resistance

As always, the hotfly superb develops its own ideas listening to the needs of fishermen, this leads them to the creation of products that can fully meet all their needs. For this reason, practical and intelligent choices have been made on these waders that will make your fishing experience very comfortable. One of these choices is certainly the original and intuitive system of suspenders that will allow you, with a simple gesture, to convert your chest waders in to waist waders . This flexibility is very useful in summer, allowing you to fish comfortably even during the hottest hours of the day. The suspenders are also equipped with comfortable neoprene padding to ensure maximum comfort in contact with the shoulder.

Another advantage of using ALPINE DIVER V2 waders is that you can fish practically without a vest. On this model we find in fact 2 large external pockets protected by a waterproof closure thanks to the YKK zippers. In the central pocket that goes from one side of the waders to the other you can warm your hands during the winter fishing sessions thanks to the fleece covering inside or easily accommodate the fly fishing tools such as fly boxes. Inside the waders there are two fold out pockets in which you can put your personal belongings such as keys, wallet or mobile phone. The first pocket has two zippered compartments and a flies patch, while the second pocket is made of transparent plastic. The pocket has been specially designed for your smartphone, in fact, thanks to the touch technology will allow you to use the phone without having to take it out. You can also remove this pocket thanks to the velcro attachment allowing you to take photos and videos with ease, protecting your smartphone from an accidental fall in the water. All the primary accessories can be easily placed on the 3 tooltabs located respectively on the suspenders and on the front pocket that will allow you to store spools, wire cutter, flies patches and all those small accessories that must always be at hand. You will also find 3 D-ring, 2 frontal and 1 rear on which, if necessary, you can fix a possible landing net.

Continuing to talk about comfort, for its waders the hotfly superb has chosen European cut, trying not to oversize the area of the seat and increasing the the crotch of  the pants thus allowing a more comfortable and relaxed movement, especially when trying to climb the bank of the river or when you want to climb over a rock. Last but not least, the size of the circumference in the ankle area has been increased compared to other brands allowing you to be worn and taken off more easily.

Some of the main differences from the previous model lie in the neoprene booties. As you know, this is a very delicate area because it has many joints and is subjected to a lot of stress. In fact, the thickness has been increased from 3.5 to 4mm and, even more importantly, the neoprene joint lines have been modified, reducing the critical points of infiltration to a minimum. In addition, all joints have been protected by an even stronger tape. The material used for the sand guards (gravel guards) has also been changed, as it is no longer the same as the waders, but made of neoprene and covered with a more sturdy and tear-resistant fabric, which is always equipped with a position-locking hook.

Only for this model 2 special sizes are available: the king size and the slim size. For those who are particularly robust or very slim in size.

Here is a summary of the main features:

  • Premium multilayer fabric (made in Japan), highly breathable and resistant to abrasion and tearing
  • Joints made by means of a patented heat-sealing system (no seams)
  • Convertible from chest waders to waist waders with a simple gesture
  • 2 large waterproof external pockets - the hand warmer pocket is covered with fleece
  • 2 internal fold out pockets, one of which has been specially designed for the smartphone
  • 3 tooltab
  • 3 D-ring tool holder
  • Neoprene gravel guards with tear-proof coating and hook position stop
  • 4mm neoprene booties with joints protected by a very strong tape
  • YKK waterproof zippers on the outside

(a) Attention, the maximum body dimensions given in the table are empirical values without guarantee. Are you unsure about your size? Then let us know your measurements so that we can recommend the right size.
(b) The circumference is the largest circumference of the body (chest, abdomen or hip).

  MAXIMUM BODY DIMENSIONS - empirical values (a) Dimensions Waders
Waders size Height Weight Circum. (b) Inseam Shoe size Circum. Inseam
XS 168 cm 65 kg 103 cm 78 cm 38-40 107 cm 86 cm
S 174 cm 75 kg 106 cm 80 cm 40-42 110 cm 89 cm
M 182 cm 85 kg 110 cm 84 cm 42-44 114 cm 94 cm
MK Medium King 180 cm 100 kg 120 cm 82 cm 42-44 124 cm 94 cm
MS Medium Slim 182 cm 72 kg 105 cm 84 cm 42-44 109 cm 94 cm
L 188 cm 96 kg 118 cm 90 cm 43-45 122 cm 99 cm
LK Large King 186 cm 115 kg 128 cm 88 cm 43-45 132 cm 99 cm
LS Large Slim 188 cm 82 kg 109 cm 90 cm 43-45 113 cm 99 cm
XL 196 cm 110 kg 126 cm 94 cm 45-47 130 cm 102 cm
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