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It was way back in 1993 when Guideline began to take shape as a pioneering Norwegian fly-fishing brand. Since 1991, the company has dedicated itself to the design and development of specific equipment, but it was in 1993 that the brand was officially established, marking a turning point in its history. Since the first fly fishing rods, the Guideline product range has steadily expanded and today can provide everything a fly fisherman need.

With the opening of the Swedish office in 2001, Guideline began to look beyond its national borders, embracing an international expansion that has led it to establish itself as one of the most recognised brands of fly-fishing equipment in Europe. Today, their network of over 400 dealers extends to 35 countries worldwide, a testament to their commitment and reputation in the industry.

Their strength undoubtedly lies in the fact that every single member of the Guideline family is a passionate angler, and they are thus able to design, develop and test each product before putting it on the market.

At the heart of their corporate philosophy is their mission 'Clean All the Way', a commitment rooted in respect for the environment that is reflected in every aspect of their business model and product development. This commitment to environmental sustainability began in 2017, when the company promoted an internal workshop to outline its core values and purpose. Since then, Guideline has undertaken a number of initiatives to reduce its impact on the environment by actively involving employees in the implementation of eco-friendly practices.

This dedication to sustainability is translated into concrete actions: from the adoption of eco-friendly materials to the reduction of CO2 emissions in logistics operations. However, the challenges are many, and Guideline often finds itself having to rely on traditional suppliers who are not always inclined to embrace ecological innovation. Yet the company's commitment remains steadfast: every effort is aimed at a future where fly fishing and environmental conservation go hand in hand, ensuring that future generations can continue to enjoy the wonders of nature.