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Founded in 2005 as a division of Filtex, a company with a solid history in the Italian textile industry, Textreme has inherited not only the experience, but also the values of commitment, integrity and passion that have always characterised the parent company.

As early as the 1960s, Filtex was already producing materials that had become standards in the fashion and clothing textile industry. A few years later, the Biella-based company began to produce some materials used for fly tying, but it was then Textreme that consolidated and expanded its presence into the world of fly-fishing and fly tying.

In the wake of passion and dedication, Textreme stands out as an Italian excellence in the fly-fishing sector. Its ability to directly produce the entire range of items in its vast catalogue, today considered one of the most complete and diversified, brings with it the authenticity and savoir-faire that characterise 'Made in Italy'. This rich and varied assortment is amply capable of satisfying the many needs of fly tiers all over the world.

At the heart of every Textreme product is an unwavering commitment to excellence and a distinctive value of Italian craftsmanship. Every stage of the production process is subject to rigorous quality control, aimed at eliminating any shortcomings and guaranteeing a level of customer satisfaction that exceeds expectations.

The textiles, plastics, cardboards and packaging accessories used come from a careful selection of Italian and European suppliers, chosen to guarantee not only the highest quality products, but also to comply with the highest environmental standards. This commitment translates into full compliance with the strict European Union regulations governing production processes, ensuring that every stage of production is in line with the strictest environmental directives.

Textreme is an Italian excellence in constant motion, always looking for new frontiers to explore and new solutions to develop. Investment in research and material development is a priority, as is optimising the colour range to guarantee a wide choice to the fly tiers. Close collaboration with strategic partners and constant customer feedback fuel this process of continuous innovation, enabling Textreme to keep pace with changing market needs and anticipate future trends.

But Textreme's goal remains clear and unchanged over time, namely, to provide a superior end product, as it has done since its humble beginnings, proudly carrying on the Italian craftsmanship tradition in fly fishing.