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In 1985, Wahoo International, known for its Solarez®, LifeSled® and Bullyboard® brands, started manufacturing surfboards and bodyboards. Using materials and methods considered 'unconventional', such as UV-curing resins, composite structures and vacuum techniques, the company embarked on new paths in this industry. Their innovative approach included the adoption of the UV-curing process, recognised for its cleanliness and effectiveness in field repairs, as well as its environmental and economic benefits.

In 1993, Wahoo International sought approval from the Surfrider Foundation for their revolutionary UV-curing resin 'Solarez', with the goal of drastically reducing VOC emissions in the surfboard industry. However, regardless of their efforts, Surfrider decided not to grant the endorsement, claiming that they could not approve a chemical product.

Despite this disappointment, the commitment to innovation and sustainability remained steadfast. Over the next few years, Wahoo International continued to expand its product range to include over 20 different formulas. These innovations have led to significant improvements in the production of a wide range of items, including sports equipment, furniture, musical instruments, fly fishing, jewellery, hobbies and crafts. The company has also been at the forefront of adopting emerging technologies such as 3D printing.

Even with the economic challenges in 2009, 2010 and 2011, Wahoo International continued to thrive in the global marketplace. Its reputation for product quality has been a key pillar in maintaining strong sales worldwide.

In 2012, being recognised with the SBA 'Exporter of the Year' award was an important milestone for Wahoo International. This award was a testament to the company's continued commitment to exporting and promoting its products across borders. The win was not only a recognition of the excellence of the services offered, but also a confirmation of the value and quality of Wahoo International's products in the international market.

The company expresses its deep gratitude to all its customers in some 36 countries, recognising that meeting their needs is a privilege and an honour.