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Shimano Fishing is certainly familiar to every angler. Whether in fresh or salt water, the Japanese brand is represented worldwide with its first-class fishing tackle for almost all fishing techniques.

The company was founded in 1921 by Shozaburo Shimano, who manufactured various parts and components for bicycles with his Shimano Iron Works. However, it was almost 50 years before Shimano also became active in the angling sector and in 1970 founded its own department for the manufacture of fishing tackle, which developed into the company's second mainstay. One year later, on the company's 50th anniversary, the first fishing reel for spin fishing was presented, the now legendary DUX series.

In 1972, Shimano ventured into Europe by founding Shimano Europe GmbH in Düsseldorf (Germany). In North America, the company had already been active in New York since 1965 with its subsidiary Shimano American Corporation.

This was followed by a number of other branches and production facilities outside Japan. The sale of fishing tackle in Europe began as early as 1974. In 1990, Shimano Italy Fishing S.r.l. was founded as a separate subsidiary in Italy, focussing solely on the fishing sector. Despite this worldwide expansion, the parent company Shimano Inc., as it has been officially known since 1991, remains based in Sakai, Japan, where the company was founded over a century ago, proudly continuing the tradition of metalworking that has been cultivated in Sakai for 1,500 years.

From the early 1980s, Shimano intensified its involvement in the fishing sector, establishing the Shimano Fishing Cup in the home market and continuously presenting new products with which it set a series of milestones in terms of both the materials used and the manufacturing technologies, becoming a reference in the fishing tackle sector. Technology and innovation have been the drivers and pillars of the company's philosophy since the very beginning. Based on sound and clear ideas, each new model, each new series raises the standard for performance and quality by making each successor lighter and stronger, faster and more precise and, last but not least, more aesthetic than its predecessor.

G.Loomis, one of the most prestigious US fishing rod brands, has been part of the Shimano Group since 1997, which means that Shimano Fishing also has in-depth expertise in the world of fly fishing. With its own Biocraft fly rod series, Shimano Fishing demonstrates its in-house expertise in the field of innovative material technologies and once again proves its reputation as a premium manufacturer of fishing tackle.