The Soldarini fly tackle HYDROPSYCHE ELITE rods are among the best available on the market: super performing, extra strong and ultra light.

This new series of rods is the result of a long research of Sandro Soldarini, to obtain a high quality and high performance product in every fishing condition. Each model has been studied in detail until the best, sure that it is a high quality product, able to amaze for its lightness.

The HYDROPSYCHE ELITE series includes as many as 10 models of top of the range fly rods: all blanks have been finished with a special spiral finishing process. This particular finishing, besides being extremely strong and scratchproof, gives to the rod a new and newly designed look. All blanks are ultra slim while presenting a considerable layer of material. The materials used are the best on the market, and thanks to the nano technology applied, with the fusion of several layers of polymer resins, the final result is an extremely light and at the same time extremely strong and performing blank.

The edges are ground to allow a better assembly of the rod, and to avoid the danger of the parts getting stuck.

The entire HYDROPSYCHE ELITE series features high quality finishes: single foot Recoil guides, gun-smoke and briarwood aluminium reel-seat, top quality AAAA cork handle. All models are made in 4 pieces.

The rods are equipped with rod tube and cordura sheath.

Two years of hard tests by Sandro Soldarini and the use of the best nano technology made in Japan have served to reach the end of the product at the top of the range: the lightest and most performing rods on the market!


Soldarini fly tackle has used the same technology as the ELITE series to develop a series of extremely light and responsive fly rods - the result is the new HYDROPSYCHE ELITE PURE series.

As many as 6 different types of carbon are used in the building of ELITE PURE rods - to ensure maximum performance. With an aggressive and innovative design, it combines a sober blank in the natural finish of the carbon.

The result are very light and robust fly rods.

HYDROPSYCHE ELITE PURE fly rods are equipped with a carbon reel seat and Recoil guide of the highest quality. All models are made in 4 pieces and are equipped with rod tube and sheath.