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The Hotfly Superb has created a series of 12 barbless hooks with which it is possible to make many different types of artificial flies.  Within this series we find 7 nymph hooks, 3 of which are jig hooks, 4 dry fly hooks and 1 streamer hook.

The jig hooks, if combined with the special tungsten beads slotted, allow the hook to work with the tip facing upwards.This is very useful to significantly reduce groundings at the bottom of the river and to preserve the sharpness.

All hooks have the tip facing inwards, this serves to protect the sharpening from contact with the stones of the river bottom and to have a better grip on the mouth of the fish, significantly reducing the possibility of unhook the fish.
This is very useful to significantly reduce groundings at the bottom of the river and to preserve the sharpness.

All tips have been chemically sharpened. This has made it possible to produce much finer and sharper tip than could have been done with a classic mechanical sharpening. To understand each other, chemical sharpening takes place through corrosion by means of acids while mechanical sharpening is carried out with a file.

The forged profile of these hooks considerably increases their tenacity. In short, forging consists of flattening the section of the hook in the curvature area. This process allows for greater resistance to high stresses. As you can clearly see from the picture (fig.1) the surface is not perfectly cylindrical but slightly flat.




Jig Wide Gape:

The Jig Wide Gape is characterized by the fact that it has a very accentuated distance between tip and shank. This makes it a very appreciated hook by those who practice fly fishing competitions for its exceptional effectiveness to set the hook.



Jig Evo:

The Jig Evo is a particularly sturdy hook and is ideal if you want to tie particularly heavy nymphs to probe deep into the big holes of the stream.  The widely inward facing tip protects its sharpness from contact with rocks and also minimizes the possibility of unhook the fish.




The Jig has a very classic shape and like all the others lends itself very well to be used to tie very heavy nymphs. Its shape makes it ideal to be combined with javi tungsten nymph bodies.




The Universal, as the name says, is a universal hook suitable for many different types of dressing. This is the only hook in the series to have the eyelet perfectly in line with the shank.Universal_1


Dry Nymph:

The Dry Nymph is definitely a great compromise with which to tie nymphs, wet nymphs or dry flies. However, being a very strong hook you have to take into account that when tying dry flies it will have a certain weight. Also in this fly fish hook we find a tip that is widely inward facing, which significantly reduces the possibility of unhook the fish.



Grub Pupa:

The Grub Pupa is ideal to tying small larvae or sedge pupae. Its arched shape helps to make your imitation even more truthful.Grub_Pupa_1


Pupa Nymph:

The Pupa Nymph has a very long stem and its curved shape makes it ideal to tying imitations of sedge, large larvae or stonefly. It is also widely used to tying spinfly flies.Pupa_Nymph_1



Long Shank Nymph:

The Long Shank Nymph, despite its name, is designed to tying dry flies and wet flies. This is a very thin and light hook but during the fly tying you have to take into account that being equipped with a very long shank it can still reach a certain weight. For this reason it lends itself very well to tying voluminous dressing with the use of materials such as foam or deer hair.



Dry V3:

The Dry V3 is a very thin and light but at the same time very strong and resistant hook. Thanks to its shape you can really enjoy to tying many different tipe of dressing as it lends itself very well to many different types of artificial flies, such as the famous May Fly.Dry_V3_1


Dry V2:

The Dry V2 shares all the qualities of the Dry V3, but differs in that it has a widely inward-facing tip, which, as we have seen above, minimizes the possibility of unhook the fish. This hook is also very light, and making it float with the appropriate fly tying materials will be very easy.Dry_V2_1


Grub Buzzer:

The Grub Buzzer is very similar to the Grub Pupa and as we have already seen its arched shape makes it ideal for use to tying small larvae and chironomes but also Klinkhammer or for all those dry flies that require a curved hook. Unlike its older brother this hook is much thinner and lighter and lends itself very well to tying any tipe of dry flies.





The Streamer is a very strong and robust hook. Its long shank makes it ideal to tying small streamers and looking for the right size fish.Streamer_1



With Hotfly Superb's new series of barbless hooks you can really tie any kind of artificial fly. The quality and care with which these hooks have been designed make them an extremely reliable product, and we are sure they will not disappoint your expectations!

If you are a beginner and want to start to tie your own artificial flies we recommend you to take a look at our fly tying tutorials, which we publish regularly on our Youtube channel.

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