Breathable waders are a brilliant invention! Thanks to these garments you can easily reach the most promising places in your fly water, which is impossible with ordinary hippers.

The wader is a kind of pants that protects you from water up to the waist or chest. Modern models are made of waterproof and at the same time breathable materials. The part of the feet is made of neoprene and welded watertight with the rest of the garment. On the upper part there is a rubber loop that prevents water from getting inside the waders.

Modern waders are high-end products of the textile industry. When choosing one of these waders, we recommend that you check the waterproofness and real breathability. It is also important to know the number of layers in the most sensitive areas such as the tibia, knee and butt area to prevent damage from branches, thorns etc. You have to find the right compromise between waterproof and breathable, as it makes little sense to have a waterproof and unbreathable product that makes you wet with your own sweat!

In addition to the classic chest waders, waist waders are becoming more and more popular, and in certain situations also hippers. Models that reach up to the waist are often high enough for many situations and, especially on hot summer days, have much better comfort.

We generally advise against neoprene or PVC models, unless you only want to fish in winter. There is a risk of sweating very quickly due to the heat build-up.

Do you want to buy high quality waders at an honest price? In our assortment we have the complete range of frogg toggs waders, which consist of four to six layers of highly resistant waterproof and breathable fabric.

In addition, since 2017 we are finally able to offer breathable fishing waders, where potential sources of problems - in other words the seams - are reduced to a minimum. Since we had not found these waders on the market, we decided to offer our own collection of hotfly superb waders based on our many years of experience in this field.

The revolutionary production process of hotfly waders does without classic seams. The fabric parts to be joined are welded together under pressure and heat using a patented process. The advantage is obvious - the fabric is not perforated thousands of times as in a conventional seam. The 2-year test period during the product development phase has convincingly shown us that the connection technology applied is extremely reliable.