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The ELITE fly tying vise is equipped with an interchangeable stainless steel jaw suitable for any size of hook and can rotate freely 360°. This rotation is moderated by the drag knob. The jaw can be tilted at will and can rotate the hook perfectly on its axis. Embedded in the vise are 1 adjustable spring material clip and 1 pin which acts as a support for the bobbin. The pedestal base is large and stable and inside it there are comfortable tool and material holders. In the package you will also find 1 support with plier to tie the parachute, which can be transformed into 1 support for the bobbin.

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The ELITE vise produced by the Italian company Stonfo is a mix of innovation and technology, and has been designed to meet the needs of the most experienced fly tiers. Made of stainless steel and aluminium it is really solid and robust. The only plastic element is the pedestal base, but even here top of the range materials have been used and overall we can safely say that with proper use it is practically indestructible. The numerous practical accessories are able to facilitate even the most complex steps, making the tying of artificial flies pleasant and satisfying.  The B and F elements can be removed and placed on the opposite side to make the vise also suitable for left-handed people.

Before we see everything in detail let's take a general look at the vise:

  1. Crank handle 360° rotation
  2. Drag knob
  3. Jaw inclination joint
  4. Adjustable spring material clip
  5. Bobbin support
  6. Hook pre-block screw
  7. Super soft lever device


The pedestal base is quite large (16.2 x 19.2 x 4.2) and thanks to its weight (1.37kg) it is really very stable. The 4 anti-slip feet further increase its stability by preventing the vise from moving during fly tying.

On the surface there are 2 large material holder niches inside which you can store hooks, tungsten beads or any other fly tying material you want to keep at hand at all times. The rounded edges inside the niches make it very easy to take even the smallest materials such as tungsten beads from them.

On the back of the pedestal base you will find 10 tool holes. Inside you can store bobbins, scissors or pliers. One of these holes serves as an attachment for the magnifying glass (can be purchased separately).

However, it is possible to mount the vise on the table clamp (can be purchased separately).


The jaw are made of stainless steel and have a universal profile, which allows you to accommodate any size of hook. However, it is interchangeable and can be replaced with a specific jaw (can be purchased separately).

The super soft lever closure is very tenacious and you won't run the risk of the hook moving during the tying. To fix the hook in the correct way you have to position the lever downwards in open mode and insert the hook into the jaw. Then you have to gently tighten the jaws by turning the pre-blocking screw clockwise without exaggerating, just make sure that the hook remains stationary. Once locked in the desired position, simply move the lever upwards in closed mode to secure the hook permanently.

Attention: It is not necessary to apply excessive force to the lever when locking the hook, excessive force could damage the jaw. Also remember not to place the hook too much at the end of the tip of the jaw because you run the risk of chipping it (see photo).

By loosening bolt C it is possible to change the inclination of the jaw. This adjustment can help you to position the shank of the hook in line with the axis of rotation of the vise, allowing you to rotate the hook perfectly on its axis. (watch the video)

The 360° rotation of the jaw, thanks to the precision bearings, is very smooth and can be moderated at will by acting on the drag knob B. To facilitate this rotation there is a crank handle A at the rear. (watch the video)

Embedded in the jaw is a practical adjustable spring material clip D, which is used to move hackles, tinsel or any other fly tying material that you do not need at the moment, and then pick it up at a later time. This helps you to be more relaxed in certain steps of tying.

On the opposite side you will also find a handy pin E on which you can run the tying thread through. This is used to move the bobbin out of the work area and get the same advantages as you just saw.


The fly tying vise ELITE by Stonfo is equipped with a very interesting modular accessory because depending on how it is mounted it can be used both as a support to help you to tie parachute (fig.1) and as a bobbin support (fig.2).

The arm is mounted on the vise by means of the arm lock screw, and according to your needs you can mount either the parachute plier or the bobbin support.


  • Large and stable pedestal base
  • 4 non-slip feet
  • 10 tool holder holes on the base
  • 2 material holder niches on the base
  • Universal stainless steel jaw
  • Tilting jaw
  • Interchangeable jaw
  • 360° fluid rotation
  • Moderate rotation through drag knob
  • Hook rotation on its axis
  • Adjustable spring material clip
  • Bobbin holder pin
  • Accessory for parachute
  • Bobbin holder accessory
  • Adaptable for Left-handed people

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