The tying thread is indispensable to tie artificial flies. It can be used to wrap and attach all individual fly tying materials to the hook. In order to make the best use of it, it must be mounted on the appropriate bobbin.

Many colours and sizes are available and must be chosen according to the type of artificial fly you want to tie. Very small artificial flies need very thin thread, while bulky streamers need thicker threads. If, for example, you want to wrap white dubbing, it will be good to use a white thread to keep its colour unchanged.

We know very well that there is nothing more annoying than seeing the tying thread break during the construction phase, so we offer only the highest quality tying thread from Textreme and Semperfli. Modern tying thread such as power threads from Textreme and nano silk from Semperfli are extremely thin but at the same time have incredible strength.

Acronyms and respective diameters:

  • 3/0 coarse
  • 6/0 medium
  • 8/0 thin
  • 12/0 very thin
  • 18/0 extremely thin