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In fly fishing drake fly or green drake is the name given to mayflies of the species Ephemera danica. These mayflies grow quite large at 3 centimetres and more. These insects are therefore correspondingly interesting as a nutritious protein snack for trout and grayling. Especially when these flies hatch abundantly, fish adapt to this energy source within a few days and help themselves to the richly laid table. During this time, other fly patterns are disdained. Depending on the altitude of the water body and the temperature of the water and air in spring, the mass hatching of the mayflies takes place between mid-May and early June and lasts about 2 weeks. This period is also known as the "mayfly season".

If you have the opportunity to fly fish on a body of water where such a mass hatch of mayflies occurs, then you should not miss your chance. Usually, the fish go into a feeding frenzy. Then they fill their bellies with the rising larvae and the mayflies hatching on the water surface. During this time, you can experience magic moments on the water. This is one of the reasons why the mayfly is the symbol par excellence for fly fishing!

You will be surprised how many fish suddenly rise during a hatch. So, the problem is not spotting the rising fish. The challenge is to convince the fish that your imitation is tastier than the original in the abundance of real mayflies drifting along.

That's why we offer you a wide selection of first-class mayfly patterns in this product category. You will find imago patterns with the characteristic, detached rear part of the body, the so-called abdomen. This tying method, known as the extended body, allows the last stage of the mayfly's life to be imitated as closely as possible to nature. After an impressive nuptial dance and the laying of eggs, the mayflies die and fall as so-called spents onto the water, where they are already greedily awaited. In our assortment we also have various patterns of sub-imagos or duns. This is the term used to describe the hatching on the water surface, when the emerging larva becomes a flying insect. Especially in the critical phase of hatching, mayflies are very clumsy and thus easy prey for any fish.

Your fly box should never be without some of our catchy mayfly patterns during the mayfly season. Order the best mayfly imitations now so you'll be ready when the mayflies hatch.