Fly rods from Loomis & Franklin

Top performance at a small price

LOOMIS & FRANKLIN, the Italian brand that for the excellent quality/price ratio of its materials has become a guarantee in the fishing world, has created a new series of rods for fly fishing.The fundamental collaboration with Soldarini Fly Tackle has allowed to put inside these products all the experience of Sandro Soldarini.

The range of fly fishing rods developed by Sandro Soldarini is very wide and will allow you to deal with all the situations you might encounter. But let's see the various models in detail:

  • SMALL CREEK: this series of fly fishing rods has been designed for small mountain streams, where the need to minimize the size of your equipment is very important to be able to optimize the fishing action. The remarkable precision in the launch and the fast action of these rods will allow you to be very effective, especially in small stream fishing with dry fly, where precision becomes an essential factor.
  • RIVER & STREAM: despite the excellent quality/price ratio that we find on all the rods proposed here you do not always have the economic opportunity to buy a model for each context. For this reason, the RIVER & STREAM series of rods respond to this problem by presenting itself as a universal product that is well suited to various fishing situations, such as dry, submerged, classic nymph and light streamer.
  • NYMPH: the length of these rods ranging from 9'6 to 12' feet is ideal if we want to practice the technique of fishing with wire or light fly line. The reserve of power that have these rods will allow you to bring to gain even fish of good size without sacrificing the sensitivity that these fly fishing rods offer, allowing you to perceive even the slightest of the bites to be able to catch the fish in a timely manner thus avoiding losing the fish.
  • STREAMER: The name of this series of rods already tells everything about them. Designed specifically for streamer fishing, both in the lake and in the river, you will find in your hands a very robust product that can bring to shore even large predators.
  • PREDATOR: When the game gets tough, the PREDATOR line of fly fishing rods comes to our rescue. Powerful and very robust will give you the guarantee of being able to have a fight on par with large predators such as pike and catfish, also have the equipment slightly oversized compared to the predator that we will catch will allow you to significantly reduce the time of combat by automatically decreasing the stress caused to the fish by the catch, which is essential to enable us to make an excellent catch and release.
  • STILLWATER: At the request of the European market have been developed these rods for lake fishing. With their characteristics will allow you to easily make long roll cast, fundamental throwing technique when you want to reach long distances and you have little space behind us to be able to twirl the fly line.
  • SWITCH: The rods called switch are two-handed rods but can also be used with one hand. They are the most maneuverable rods in their category and are generally used in not very large rivers. The range of length and weight between which these rods oscillate is between 11'/12' feet and usually mount fly line between #5/#9. The models proposed by Sandro Soldarini are 11'/11'6 long and mount respectively a #7/#8 fly line about halfway between the range in which they range these types of rods.
  • SCANDI - SKAGIT - SPEY: The range of products proposed so far closes with real two-handed rods, ideal for salmon fishing or where you have to face large rivers.

The whole series boasts an excellent quality/price ratio. The commercial choice that was taken with these rods is to give up elegant and sophisticated finishes that would only raise the price without bringing a real benefit to the fishing action. The renunciation of these decorations has allowed us to offer the public a high quality of materials at a truly affordable price.

The entire series of fly fishing rods designed by LOOMIS & FRANKLIN and Sandro Soldarini consists of four sections, quality single deck rings, anodised aluminium reel holder and cork handle. All housed in a fishing rod tube sheath with compartments.

A good part of the models is offered in two different types of carbon, distinguished by the letters IM7 or IM12:

  • IM7: launch year 2016 - anthracite colour.
  • IM12: launch year 2018 - colour black.

The IM12 series consists of a slightly higher performance carbon (IM12) than the IM7 carbon. Therefore the IM12 series is characterized by light and relatively thin blanks, with a rapid but progressive response.