A good vise is the most important...

Vises - Accessories

A good vise is the most important thing to tie artificial flies in tranquillity - safe hook locking and ease of use are the two key features.

Here you will find a small selection of high quality vises, made by the two Italian companies Stonfo and Cottarelli (CTA). Both family businesses, run by their owners, have a similar background: a precision engineering workshop with modern numerical control machines and inventor owners, who are at the same time passionate fly tier and fly fishermen. The Stonfo and CTA vises are easily comparable to those of much more expensive brands - they convince with their uncompromising quality and a very reasonable price!

Many of the best flies fisherman in the world use Cottarelli vises (CTA), as they are the only ones with heads and pliers that can be replaced with a simple gesture, to always have the best grip according to the type of flies you want to tie. Once removed, the pliers and heads can be used as a support for the finished fly, which is very useful in construction competitions.

All the components of the Cottarelli vises are modular, with the exception of the Pocket model.