Kit Rod & Reel

Our kits are designed for both experienced and novice fly fishermen. An immediate advantage that you have by purchasing any of our kits is certainly the money saving of 10 to 20% compared to the purchase of individual products. We have made very different kits to best suit your tastes and needs.

The kits for beginner fly fishers are not composed of entry level products, but of high quality materials that you won't necessarily have to replace immediately after you have acquired some practice. In addition, those who are not particularly experienced with the world of fly fishing will be able to choose the right combination of fishing rod, reel and fly line without the risk of making wrong purchases among the myriad of products available on the market.

For the more experienced fly fishers we have made a selection of top of the range materials, and as for the beginner kits you will have the possibility to save up to 20% compared to the purchase of every single product. In addition, these kits are modular and you have the possibility to choose between some product types.