The new fly fishing rods HYDROPSYCHE TOURNAMENT of the soldarini fly tackle bring with them a great innovation with their particular system of assembly at 45 degrees of carbon fibers. In these blanks, in fact, the direction of the carbon fibres is neither longitudinal nor transversal, but rather inclined at 45 degrees with respect to the shaft of the blank. Moreover, the direction of the fibers of the various carbon sheets is opposite to each other, thus crossing and forming an X.

This system of assembly of the raw material is widely used in the construction of fishing rods that are subject to high stress and twisting such as in carpfishing or surfcasting, but the first to bring this innovation in the world of fly fishing was certainly Sandro Soldarini, having understood after several tests that this assembly system brought with it considerable advantages.

The 8 different types of high modulus carbon mounted at 45 degrees combined with the use of the latest radial carbon resins has allowed us to create very thin, lightweight and sensitive blanks without sacrificing strength and robustness. The pleasant action that these rods can give in fishing will allow you to catch fish of large size using very thin wires. In addition, the great resistance to torsion that this system offers ensures maximum precision when casting the fly line.

The quality of this product does not stop at the carbon only, on the contrary, for every detail and accessory of this fly fishing rod have been used the best materials currently on the market, starting from the cork handle of the category floor grade which is the highest quality on the market today, which has been combined with a beautiful and elegant aluminum reel seat with carbon insert.

The guide of a fishing rod are very important and it must be said that even in this situation have been chosen the best materials. All the guide are made of recoil, a special alloy of nickel and titanium with special physical properties. This material is extremely hard but flexible, it is able to return to its original shape even if for some reason it accidentally crushes. It can also be subjected to any environmental situation without corroding. The stripper guide is made directly by sea guide, a leading company in the construction of this particular accessory.

The triangular fly rod tube is equipped with practical internal compartments so as to speed up the time when the rod is extracted or stored. It is also equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap.